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Collecting Football Programmes

A quick guide to starting your own collection of football programmes.

Where to Look for Collectible Football Programmes

Where to search for the desired programmes and things to pay attention to before buying.

Condition, Condition, Condition

Just because the programme is rare that doesn't necessarily mean it is worth a fortune. Learn more about the impact of condition on the value and how to determine the condition of a programme.

Price Ranges of Collectible Football Programmes

The value of collectible football programmes and factors that determine the price.

Most Desirable Football Programmes

Which football programmes are most highly sought after by collectors.

Thanks to Our Partners

We may be a football website but that doesn't mean that we don't love other sports or had help from others within the wider sporting community. We want to add a quick thanks to all of those who have provided us with support, advice, inspiration and motivation (like all the online sports shops that we regularly use ourselves, who sell everyhting from golfing clubs to kayaks depending on the outlet).