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Condition, Condition, Condition

There are two main factors which determine the value of a collectible football programme. The first is rarity which automatically increases the value, while the second is the condition of the programme. Obviously, the better the condition the higher the value.

What’s the Impact of the Condition on the Value

In case of really rare football programmes, signs of damage don’t reduce the value as dramatically, especially if there are only a few surviving pieces. However, collectors usually aren’t prepared to pay the full price. Why does this matter? Because many sellers aren’t realistic about the value of their collectibles. Therefore you are highly recommended to be very careful when buying a collectible football programme and pay close attention to the condition.

Things to Look for When Determining the Condition of Collectible Football Programmes

Determining the condition of collectible football programmes is a relatively easy process. What you need to do is to take a close look at the programme and pay attention to the following factors:

Keep Your Collectible Football Programmes in Top Condition

In addition to paying attention to the condition when buying collectible football programmes, you should also do whatever necessary to keep your collection in top condition. Make sure to store the programmes in an appropriate place and under any condition, fold them, expose them to direct sunlight, handle your collection near food or drink, or do anything that may pose a risk of damage. Remember, they have a major historical value and should be handled as such.